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200ton Heating/Cooling Molding Machine (3-stage type)

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It is a hydraulic molding press machine capable of heating and cooling molding. It can be heated up to 360 ° C in 30 minutes, and can be cooled to 50 ° C with air, water, etc. while maintaining pressure. Since it is a 3-stage type, it is possible to significantly reduce the production time by producing 3 products in one cycle.

1.Surrounding hot platen with a chamber prevents heat radiation from outside air and it is also possible to vacuum and fill up nitrogen.

2.Since the communication temperature can be controlled on the touch panel, it is possible to link the temperature setting and press operation of all four hot plates.

3.Our original hydraulic system enables a wide range of pressure control from 5 to 200 tons.

4.Our unique control method using an inverter unit enables constant pressure control for a long time by monitoring and controlling the pressure instability due to material compression and expansion during molding.

5.Since it supports heating and cooling, it is possible to mold all products such as thermosetting and thermoplastic.

Products(applications)Thermosetting, thermoplastic resin molding
Open height600㎜(200㎜×3)
Platen size600㎜x600㎜
Mold size500㎜x500㎜
Cylinder Main cylinder φ355㎜
Kicker cylinder Φ100㎜x2
Maximum pressure21MPa
Operation speed1~50㎜/s
Hot platen temperature360℃
Cooling methodAir, cooling water
Hydraulic motor power5KW
Heater capacity144KW(36KWx4)
Operation Manual/Automatic
Machine size(widthxheightxdepth)Approximately 2400㎜x3800㎜x2300㎜