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Privacy Policy

Iwaki Industry Co., Ltd (hereinafter, “the company”) understands the importance of personal information about our customers (including names, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers, ages and other information, hereinafter, “personal information”), and believes that protecting it is fundamental to the company’s business activities and is one of the most important issues in administration. In order to provide customers with safe, reliable and trustworthy service, we have established the following basic policies, worked to inform all employees about it and comply therewith.

Basic Policies

  1. The company complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and all other related laws and regulations. The company has also established internal regulations (hereinafter, “internal regulations”) related to the protection of personal information, implements and maintains these, and works continuously to improve them.
  2. The company has established a management system for protection of personal information, informed all directors and employees about the internal regulations and works to thorough comply therewith.
  3. The company handles personal information only within the purpose for use indicated to the customer. Personal information provided by the customer to the company shall not be disclosed or provided to a third party except with the agreement of the customer or there is an appropriate reason.
  4. The company maintains personal information in the correct and latest condition, works to prevent unlawful access to personal information and leaks, loss or damage of personal information, while continuously improving and correcting information security.
  5. The company responds faithfully and rapidly to requests for disclosure or inquiries regarding personal information from customers.

Purpose for Use of Personal Information

When the company receives personal information from a customer, it will indicate in advance the purpose for use of the personal information and only use the information within the scope of the purpose for use. When it becomes necessary to use personal information of the customer in excess of the scope of the purpose of use indicated in advance, the customer shall be notified and agree thereto before such use. The purpose of use of personal information held by the company is as follows:
  1. Personal information about customers
    • Transport of products and materials
    • Notifications about services and events
    • Providing customer support and maintenance
    • Responding to inquiries or consultations
    • Providing various forms of member services
    • Developing services, performing surveys, monitoring, etc.
    • Execution of contracts, sales consultations with customers, meetings, etc.
  2. 採Personal information about job applicants
    • Provision of employment information to applicants (including internships) and contacting applicants
    • Hiring operations management by the company

Appropriate Means for Obtaining Personal Information

  1. The company shall not disclose or provide personal information about our customers to third parties except in the following conditions:
    • With the agreement of the customer
    • According to the law
    • When it is needed to preserve the life, physical well-being or assets of a person and agreement of the customer is difficult to obtain
    • When entrusting the handling of personal information within the range needed to achieve the purpose of use
    • When merging, dividing, administration is transferred or some other reason business succession takes place
  2. The company has established a management system for protection of personal information, informed all directors and employees about the internal regulations and works to thorough comply therewith.
  3. The company may, without respect to (1) above, provide the address, name and phone number of a customer to a related company, when it determines that it is appropriate for the related company or agent to respond to an inquiry or provide a service to a customer. In this case, the customer may request that the company stop providing personal information to the related company.

Inquiries related to personal information

Iwaki Industry Co., Ltd. Head office: 2-233-2 Toriganji, Yatomi City, Aichi Prefecture JAPAN 490-1403 Phone: +81 (567) 52-3341
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