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Corporate profile


Iwaki Industry was founded in 1980 by Fumiaki Itsubo, our current chairman, with just two employees.
At that time our major customers were press molding companies in the Tokai region, and our philosophy was, “Supporting our customers when they have problems, no matter what!”
With the fruit of many years of implementation and experience we have expanded nationwide and around the world, with customers telling us they know that “If we ask, Iwaki will take care of it!” We have built a solid foundation in the hydraulic press industry.
Even as the world changes at a rapid pace, we carry on the philosophy of our predecessors to continue to work as a team with a global vision, able to make proposals that exceed the expectations of our customers. Iwaki Industries seeks to be the only place our customers go to ask about presses as we work diligently to meet their needs.

President Hideyuki Itsubo

Business Philosophy

We seek to be a unique enterprise providing peace of mind, joy and happiness by working together to use technology for making hydraulic presses that we have fostered over many years.

Corporate profile

Company name Iwaki Industry Co., Ltd.
Address 2-233-2 Toriganji, Yatomi City, Aichi Prefecture JAPAN 490-1403
Established April 1980
Land area 1890㎡
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Taiwan Inc. Taiwan IWAKI CO.,LTD 5F.-2, No. 2-1, Ln. 89, Siwei Rd., North Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

President Hideyuki Itsubo
Description of Business Design, production, sales, repair and modification of hydraulic presses
Banks The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Chukyo Bank, Aichi Shinkin Bank

[Closest station]
15 minutes by taxi from Kintetsu Kanie Station on the Kintetsu Nagoya Line
[By car]
5 km (10 minutes) north from Wangan Yatomi IC on the Isewangan Expressway
7km (15 minutes) south from Kanie IC on the Higashi-Meihan Expressway


Apr. 1980 Established in 91-5 Kawahara, Shippocho Ifuku, Ama City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Mar. 1984 Moved to 2-1406 Nishifushiya, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture Japan
May 1992 Moved and completed factory at 2-233-2 Toriganji, Yatomi City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Jan. 2000 Started production of made-in-Taiwan machines at a partner factory in Taiwan
Apr. 2004 Purchased neighboring land (330㎡)
Nov. 2005 Started joint development with a rubber molding mold maker
Nov. 2006 Started production of made-in-China machines at a partner factory in China
Aug. 2008 Production of computer communication control machinery (various settings, data locking functions)
Apr. 2009 Development of simple vacuum devices (able to be installed in current machines)
Dec. 2010 Succeeded in development and production of 700 ton powder molding machine
Nov. 2011 Planned to obtain ISO9001 (Scheduled to obtain in November 2012)
Aug. 2012 Obtained ISO9001 certification
Feb. 2015 Expanded factory to support increased orders (395㎡)
Jun. 2015 Purchased neighboring land (570㎡)
Jan. 2016 Cooperate with the second Taiwan company
Nov. 2016 Taiwan office began
Aug. 2017 Taiwan incorporation [Taiwan IWAKI CO.,LTD]
Jul. 2018 Cooperate with the third Taiwan company
Mar. 2020 DEMO press in IWAKI and 100ton Exhibition press in Tokyo

Major customers

F.C.C Co., Ltd.; Bridgestone Corporation; JSR Corporation; Daido Steel Co., Ltd.; Nichias Corporation; Aishin Seki Co., Ltd.; Aishin Chemical Co., Ltd.; FDK Corporation; Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.; Asahi Yukizai Corporation; Kitagawa Industries Co., Ltd.; Komatsu Ltd.; O&M Heater Co., Ltd.; Toyo Tire and Rubber Co., Ltd.; Ishiguro Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.; Suzuki Rubber Co., Ltd.; Kano Rubber Group; Chita Kogyo Co., Ltd.; Aisan Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.; Maruzen Inc.; Nakagawa Rubber Industries Co., Ltd.; Kuzuhara Gomu; Hokuai Industries Ltd.; Meinan Rubber Ind., Inc.; Kyoto University, and more than 400 other domestic and international companies

Customer area

United States