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Flow from initial inquiry to delivery

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“What we want is a little unusual…”
“We are looking for ways to keep our costs as low as possible…”
We listen to the requests of our customers and respond sincerely.
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We ask the customer to find what the press will be used for, the budget of the customer, the deadline, where it will be delivered to and other relevant information.
We then offer sample drawings and estimates based on the requirements of the customer responding as flexibly as possible.

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3Placement of the order

After agreeing on the terms of the contract, the customer places the order and production begins.

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4Machine production

Iwaki Industry have specialist staff for each area so more than 80% of orders are designed and manufactured in-house.
This enables us to provide high reliability equipment at low cost to the customer.


5Attended verification

When the product is complete, we perform trial operation with the customer in attendance.
If there are points to improve, please let us know.

* We can support international scenarios as well.

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6Transportation, installation, explanation of operation, transfer

We transport the equipment to the designated location and perform installation and explain the operation of the equipment.
* We can support international scenarios as well.


7After-sales maintenance

We are available to respond to malfunction, maintenance and modification, as well as to urgent situations.

* Warranty: One year for new products, six months for used products.