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24ton31ton Biaxial Molding Press(Circularity Correction Press)

Custom press molding machinesMetal press molding machine

This is a full custom-made machine and it can be used in automatic transfer line.This machine makes the iron ring that manifactured in previous process an exact circle by pressing inner diameter and outer diameter with the pressure of 24ton and 31ton,and send it to next process.

1.This is a safety designed hydraulic machine with requested safty equipments and parts by customer.

Product (applications)Circularity Correction Press
Output Upper 31ton
Lower 24ton
Stroke Upper stage 200㎜
Lower stage 40㎜
Open height 195㎜
Hot platen temperature900㎜x900㎜
Product size Φ330㎜
CylinderUpper Φ200 x Φ112㎜
Lower Φ224 x Φ125㎜
Maximum pressure 10MPa
Operation speedUpper 37~55㎜/s
Lower 28~40㎜/s
Hydraulic motor power18.5KW
Operation Manual/Automatic
Machine size(widthxheightxdepth)Approximately1500㎜x2800㎜x3400㎜