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32ton Powdered Ceramics, Teflon (PTFE) Molding

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This hydraulic press molding machine is manufactured for powder molding.

1.32 ton cylinders are installed at both top and bottom, it is possible to tighten both with 5 to 32 tons.

2.The middle plate can be moved vertically to facilitate unloading of the product.

3.Select and control the equipment that meets the customer’s request from the proportional valve, servo, and inverter pump.

Products(applications) Powdered Ceramics, Teflon (PTFE) Molding
StrokeUpper 380㎜ 
Lower 300㎜
Open heightUpper 900㎜ 
Lower 450㎜
Platen size400㎜ × 400㎜
Mold size300㎜× 300㎜
Mold thicknessCustomer specifications
Maximum pressure21MPa
Operation speedAscending 0.5-70㎜/s
Descending 0.5-40㎜/s
Mold splitter3(in the press)
Hydraulic motor power7.5KW
Machine size(widthxheightxdepth)Approximately 1700㎜x3300㎜x1240㎜