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Side Frame Press Machine

Hot press molding machines

This is our side frame type press molding machine with a mold splitter.

1. Side frames enable assembly with machining precision.
(*Average more correct than with four pillar type.)

2.Enables manufacturing of high precision products.

3.Mold opening and closing is performed mechanically enabling all employees to perform the work easily.

4.By incorporating a linear encoder, it is now possible to easily adjust the degassing position, speed and other parameters on the touch panel, eliminating previously time-consuming limit switch adjustments.

5.Mold data including molding time and degassing repetitions can be saved, eliminating adjustment when staging the equipment for a new product.

Products (applications)Side frame press
Open height(mm)300300300300300300
Platen dimension(mm)410 × 410510×510510×510510×510550×550550×550
Effective mold dimension(mm)400×400500×500500×500500×500540×540540×540
Cylinder diameter(mm)φ205φ250φ300φ355φ400φ450
Hydraulic motor capacity(KW)
Heater capacity(KW)4×25.4×25.4×25.4×26×26×2

* Optional multiple linked hydraulic units (2 to 5 units).

* Stroke, open height, platen dimensions and other specifications can be adjusted to meet your needs.

* Additional options include parameter memory devices, safety devices, and more.