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Vacuum Press Machine

Hot press molding machinesVacuum press molding machines

A standard vacuum press molding machine from Iwaki industry.

1.Molding in a vacuum chamber eliminates defects due to air and gas accumulation.

2.Enclosing the hot platen inside the vacuum chamber reducing radiated heat losses achieving efficient energy saving.

3.Due to the favorable heat transmission of vacuum the flow of raw material is smooth reducing the amount used and achieving consistent quality products.

4. Vacuum molding enables significant shortening of vulcanization time and can be expected to greatly improve productivity.

5.By using the chamber, there is less temperature rise in the working position and provide a comfortable working space.

6.When the mold is opened, the hot plate slides to the front together keeping the mold at high temperatures.

7.Since the vacuum molding machine rotates at high speeds, the vacuum pumps and hydraulic units are all unified.

8.Our rack pinion design makes effective use of space in the factory by eliminating the sliding cylinder that comes out at the back of normal presses.

9.By incorporating a linear encoder, it is now possible to easily adjust the degassing position, speed and other parameters on the touch panel, eliminating previously time-consuming limit switch adjustments.

10.Mold data including molding time and degassing repetitions can be saved, eliminating adjustment when staging the equipment for a new product! This vastly reduces the amount of time used.

Products (applications)Vacuum press
Stroke (mm)300250250250250
Open height(mm)300300300300300
Hot plate (platen) dimensions(mm)510 × 510510 × 510510 × 510550 × 550550 × 550
Effective mold dimensions(mm)500 × 500500 × 500500 × 500540 × 540540 × 540
Mold thickness(mm)0 〜 20010 〜 20010 〜 20010 〜 200 10 〜 200
Cylinder diameter(mm)φ250φ300φ355φ400φ450
Hydraulic motor capacity(KW)
Vacuum motor capacity(KW)
Heater capacity(KW)5.4 × 25.4 × 25.4 × 26 × 26 × 2

* Optional multiple linked hydraulic units (2 to 5 units).

* Stroke, open height, platen dimensions and other specifications can be adjusted to meet your needs.

* Additional options include parameter memory devices, safety devices, and more.