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150ton Powder ceramic, teflon (PTFE) molding

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This hydraulic press molding machine was made to order to support powder press molding.

1.In powder molding, it is common to make the powder compressibility uniform by tightening both ends, however using the float type eliminated the need for double tightening. Since no cylinders are required on top and bottom of presses, it can keep down expenses and machine height.

2.Since a proportional valve is used, pressure and flow rate settings can be adjusted on the touch panel.

*The proportional valve, servo and inverter are selected and controlled to meet customer requirements.

Product (applications)PTFE powder molding
Output 150ton
Open height1200㎜
Product size600㎜x380㎜
CylinderMain cylinder φ100㎜
Kicker cylinder φ30㎜x2
Maximum pressure21MPa
Hydraulic motor capacity7.5KW
Operation Manual/Automatic
Machine size(widthxheightxdepth)Approximately3000㎜x4500㎜x2300㎜