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50ton Press Molding Machine for Sample Testing

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This hydraulic press machine performs sample testing of many kinds of rubber and resins.

1.The proportional valve, servo and inverter are selected and controlled to meet customer requirements in order to test under a wide range of conditions.

2.We offer data collection options depending on your budget including data loggers and logging functions (PC, USB, SD card memory), to create the data you need in order to periodically record conditions during testing.

Products(applications)Rubber, resin, sample testing
Output 50ton
Stroke 250㎜
Open height 250-300㎜
Hot platen size250㎜ x 250㎜
Mold size230 ㎜x 230㎜
Maximum pressure21MPa
Hot platen temperature200℃
Mold splitter2
Sliding table
Hydraulic motor capacity 5.5KW
Heater capacity7.2KW
Operation Manual/Automatic
Machine size(widthxheightxdepth)Approximately 2200㎜x2300㎜x2400㎜