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CFRP, Carbon and Resin Molding Machine

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This machine can mold from CFRP to thermosetting resin and thermoplastic resin.
Flash heating hot platen to 350 ℃ and flash cooling to 50 ℃ while keeping the pressure is possible.
It can be used for all kinds of product.

Machine Features
1. Heating time can be shortened drastically by using both steam and electric heater.
2. Flash cooling from 350 ℃ is possible while holding the pressure.
3. Temperature and pressure can be controlled in detail by linking the temperature control and pressure control.
4. Pressure and flow rate can be set at any value by using servo and inverter hydraulic unit.
5. Temperature, pressure and location data can be recorded and displayed.
6. The specification can be altered to specified safety category.

Output (ton)200
Stroke (mm)300
Open Height (mm)200 - 800
Platen size (mm)1000 x 1000
Mold size (mm)900 x 900
Main Cylinder diameter (mm)Φ355
Kicker Cylinder diamater (mm)Φ80 (2)
Hydraulic Motor capacity (KW)11
Vacuum Motor capacity (KW)0.75
Heater capacity (KW)22