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Vacuum press molding machine(Affixing films )

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This product is a second-hand product converted to a vacuum press molding machine.

1.Since it is a pillar type, the open height can be changed according to the thickness of the mold.

2.Ideal for manufacturing products with high defect rate due to the air mixing in the product such as film adhesion and rubber molding.

Products(applications)Affixing films (vacuum)
Open height300㎜
Platen size510㎜ × 510㎜
Mold size500㎜ × 500㎜
Mold thickness0 〜 250㎜
Cylinder φ250㎜
Maximum pressure21MPa
Operation speed5-60㎜/s
Hot platen temperature200℃
Mold splitter2(in the press)
Sliding table〇(By hydraulic cylinder)
Hydraulic motor power3.7KW
Vacuum motor power3.1KW
Heater capacity5.4KW × 2 10KW
Operation Manual/Automatic
Machine size(widthxheightxdepth)Approximately 1540㎜x2500㎜x1850㎜