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Precision Brake Parts

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This hydraulic press molding machine was manufactured to support customer proposals to prioritize production with the barest minimum of safety devices without impacting workability.

1.The production cycle has been shortened and consideration is given to safety.

2.This equipment is suited to automobile and motorbike brake affixing and precision.

Products (applications)Precision brake parts
Output IPM-S-100(100ton)
Stroke 300㎜
Open height500㎜
Platen size510㎜ × 510㎜
Mold size500 ㎜× 500㎜
Mold thickness200 〜 500㎜
Cylinder φ250㎜
Maximum pressure21MPa
Operation speed10-80㎜/s
Hot platen temperature200℃
Mold splitter2(in the press)
Hydraulic motor capacity 3.7KW
Heater capacity 10.8KW(5.4KWx2)
Operation Manual/Automatic
Machine size(widthxheightxdepth)Approximately 1680㎜x1690㎜x2470㎜