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700ton Powdered Ceramics, Teflon (PTFE) Molding

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This hydraulic press molding machine was made to order to support large-scale powder press molding.

1.In powder molding, generally the powder is compressed evenly by closing at both sides.This machine uses a large 700 ton press and incorporates a intermediate float design due to the size of the machine and high costs.

2.A wide variety of products can be supported by controlling speed and pressure with the proportional valve.

Products(applications)Powdered ceramics, Teflon (PTFE) molding
Open height1100㎜
Platen size800 ㎜× 800㎜
Mold size700㎜ × 700㎜
Mold thickness600 〜 1000㎜
Cylinder φ660㎜
Maximum pressure21MPa
Operation speed10-120㎜/s
Mold splitter3(in the press)
Hydraulic motor power22KW+7.5KW(Movement) 110KW(Constant pressure)
Machine size(widthxheightxdepth)Approximately 3600㎜x5500㎜x2700㎜