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Custom Resins (Upper Heating, Lower Cooling)

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This hydraulic press molding machine enables testing and manufacturing of both thermosetting resins
and thermoplastic resins.

1.The equipment consists of two levels: the top level uses a hot platen with temperature up to 300℃,
and the lower level uses a cold platen with liquid cooling. This equipment is suited to evaluation of
a wide variety of materials.

2.In the case of a test machine, we offer data collection option according to your budget including
data loggers and logging functions (PC, USB, SD card memory), to create the data you need.

Products(applications)Custom resins (upper heating, lower cooling)
Open height100㎜x2
Platen size300㎜ × 300㎜
Mold size300 ㎜× 300㎜
Mold thickness0 〜 90㎜
Cylinder φ150㎜
Maximum pressure16MPa
Operation speed5-60㎜/s
Hot platen temperature200℃
Mold splitter2(in the press)
Hydraulic motor power3.7KW
Heater capacity4 KW× 2
Operation Manual/Automatic
Machine size(widthxheightxdepth)
Approximately 1100㎜x1600㎜x1260㎜