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Servo Rubber Cutting Machine

Production process labor saving device

Servo rubber cutting machine.

1.The cutting length, number of sheets, automatic lubrication, etc. can be set on the touch panel.

2.Muti-language support

3.200 conditions can be registered. It is possible to deburr the inside and outside separately.

【Applications】◎Optimum ◯Compliance
・Various Vulcanized rubber◎
・Various Unvulcanized Rubber◎
・Cutting Polarizing plates◯

Model IW-107G1 IW-107G2 IW-107G3
Cutting dimensions Maximum cut width(mm) 610 760 910
Maximum cut length(mm) 1~200
Length Differential(mm) ±0.03~0.05
Cutting speed controll system INVERTER
Maximum speed 80times/min
Cutting dimensions Feed drive Servo motor
Full/half cutting Full cutting
※IW-107S (half cutting)
Electrical controls Control panel Touch panel
Voltage Customer needs
cutter motor 2(HP) 3(HP) 5(HP)
Feeding mechanism Supply Stainless steel table
※Option:Roll transfer mechanism、alignment
Outlet Direct discharge or Stainless steel table
※Option:Roll transfer mechanism
Miscellaneous Usable blades SKH9
(Double-sided blade)
Machine dimensions(mm) 800X1050X1500 800X1200X1500 800X1350X1500
Total weight (Kg) 410 460 510